About Konrad Kafarski

Konrad Kafarski has invested his entire career in understanding the idiosyncrasies of business. Beginning at Northwood University, Konrad Kafarski focused all of his attention on the fundamental principles of business growth. After graduating in 1992 with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a minor in marketing, Konrad Kafarski set out to define the variables and the constants of business growth in the “real world” situations experienced by his clients.

Skills gained while participating in Gerry Weinberg and Associates award winning sales training and Salesforce development experience further helped Konrad Kafarski achieve new levels of personal and professional success. For the last seventeen years, through both academic experience and working in the reality of private business growth, Konrad Kafarski has honed the skill set that now serves him so well.

Based in Lake Forest, California, Konrad Kafarski leads Special K Enterprises, Inc. The team at Special K Enterprises serves a national client base by providing a wide range of business consulting services. Functioning as a pivotal part of team business plan development, financial evaluation and investor presentations; Konrad Kafarski’s business relationships all center on the importance of perspective. “There is a big difference between the way a business is presented on paper and what the actual internal operations look like,” says Konrad. “My goal is to present a company in the most positive light possible while providing enough transparency to insure an investor that the representations made are true.”

Konrad Kafarski has become increasingly drawn towards the “green sector” plays. The environmental sector has brought a number of interesting clients to Special K Enterprises and Konrad Kafarski has gravitated towards a focus on assisting this specific type of client. The increased awareness of environmental issues has a number of companies moving toward that business sector and many are in need of seasoned management and consulting services. Konrad Kafarski and Special K Enterprises serve midsize companies as well as startups; something for which he has particular passion. A California location allows him to look at many opportunities while remaining selective.

Entering 2010, Konrad Kafarski has charted a course for continued success. Solid client relationship, integrity and experience are serving him well these days. “My best days are still ahead of me,” muses Konrad. Based on his history that perspective is almost certainly correct.


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